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The Postal Museum

For over a century, the postal service has played a significant role in linking people across the Philippines and around the world. It has helped forge meaningful personal and business relationships among Filipinos, paving the way to a strong society and a progressive nation. Now, after more than 110 years of service, the Philippine Postal Corporation has reached a milestone with plans to create an important venue to track the development of communication in the Philippines. THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A WORLD-CLASS POSTAL MUSEUM We envision an exceptional museum that will chronicle the circuitous route that has marked the development of communication in the Philippines, with particular focus on the rich history of the country’s postal service, one of the oldest in Asia. The Manila Central Post Office Building shall also be showcased. Built in the 1920s by a nascent colonial power, its design is considered a perfect model of Neo-Classical architecture and an outstanding example of American urban planner Daniel Burnham’s archetype building for a model Asian city. The richness and abundance of artifacts, stories, and heritage objects available for display in the new Postal Museum will form the basis of an educational, artistic, and interactive design making the collections accessible to a broad span of audiences. The modern design in the heritage setting will become one of the major tourist attractions in Manila. The Postal Museum will showcase the following: • Development of communication in the Philippines • The significant role that the postal service played in national progress and development • The rich history behind the Manila Central Post Office Building, especially during World War II • Priceless stamps from the Philippines and from different countries around the world • Letters written by national heroes and other famous personalities • An archive to preserve and showcase precious stamps and artifacts kept under a secure and controlled environment SUPPORT THE MUSEUM Philpost invites to become our partners in educating through stamps and letters. Make a donation to the Philpost Museum Foundation, Inc. and help us fulfill our vision of a world-class Postal Museum, thus educate people regarding postal communication and the art of stamps. Your donation will take us a step closer to achieving our goal. Make a donation. For more information, contact the Office of the Assistant Postmaster General for Administration at telephone numbers 527-9601 or 9607.