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The Posts as Agents for Change

To celebrate the October 9 World Post Day, the Philippine Postal Corporation (PhilPost) has recently launched several activities which includes the Philatelic Exhibition (Philippine Heroes and the Arts), student tours of the postal museum and library, the mail processing centers and the iconic post office building, publications in several Philippine newspapers as well as the conduct of relief operations for postal employees who were affected by recent floods caused by Typhoon “Ondoy” (International codename Ketsana) and Typhoon Pepang (Parma). The recent floods in our country have sent strong signal for the government and the private sector to counter the global climate change. The Universal Postal Union has urged all Posts, including the Philippines to become agents for change. The postal family will have to engage in meaningful discussions about better ways of protecting our planet. The UPU has committed in helping postal operators worldwide to better manage their CO2 emissions. With the support of its Sustainable Development Project Group, the UPU, as a UN specialized agency responsible for the postal sector, has embarked on the important task of measuring the world postal sector's carbon footprint. In this time of financial and economic crisis, sound management of environmental issues can be a significant driving force for growth. The global postal sector, with a network of some 600,000 postal establishments and as many vehicles used to move the mail daily, is an important producer of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why the UPU is working with its member countries and regional postal organizations to better assess the sector’s impact on the environment and find solutions for postal operators to reduce their carbon footprint. Through its Sustainable Development Project Group, the UPU is committed to addressing one of the most important issues of our times.