Philippine Post Office to start honoring exceptional living Filipinos

Date Posted: May 31, 2021
Philippine Post Office to start honoring exceptional living Filipinos

For the first time, the Post Office will constantly honor living Filipinos who have brought inspiration, joy, pride and glory to the Filipino community and have heavily contributed in their chosen field by featuring them in Postage Stamps.


“This is our own littleway of honoring and acknowledging their great effort and contribution tosociety”, Postmaster General Norman “Mr. Postman” Fulgencio said. 


The Post Office announced that they will issue stamps for acclaimed Filipino movie stars, writers,designers, sports personalities, musicians, artists, scientists, and other nationally and internationally known figures, both living and deceased.


“We want to create someexcitement and even inspire young people to engage in patronizing the stamps”, he said. 


Fulgencio saw the need toreview and change some of the old procedures when it comes to honoring livingpersons in stamps. 


"This change inprocedures will enable us to pay tribute to individuals on their achievementswhile they are still alive to enjoy the honor of being featured in stamps”,Fulgencio said.


But of course, part ofthis process is to immortalize those never forgotten persons or individualachievers (posthumous stamps) alongside with the Filipino living legends, heexplained.  


Universal Postal Union(UPU) Postal administration countries’ have adopted new ways to improve therelease and printing of stamps in order to understand what customers need to satisfy them. 


Fulgencio stated that,“very few notable living personalities have been featured in stamps but now wewill be more inclusive in giving honor and recognition to Filipinos living and deceased. It would be nice to showcase all the Filipinos who greatlycontributed to the joy, inspiration and pride of the nation. This would also spark interest and fun for people of all ages and, hopefully, encourage them tocollect and patronize Filipino stamps”.