PRESS RELEASE: PHLPost tapped as frontline workers to assist LGUs

Date Posted: April 22, 2020

PHLPost has been vital not just in transporting letters and parcels but in assisting local government in the delivery of relief and emergency services to health workers battling the coronavirus pandemic.


“Post office employees are frontline workers too, responding to any emergency situation where it is needed most”, Postmaster General Joel Otarra said.


“Our postmen, drivers, couriers and network of post office vehicles are now being tapped to provide assistance to local government units in the delivery of supplies of frontline workers”, he added.


Likewise, to prevent exposure to the virus, the safety of its employees and customers is their highest priority. Measures have been implemented to help them cope with the impact of the pandemic like wearing of face coverings, social distancing and hygienic practices.


PHLPost is also committed to fulfill its universal mandate of continuous delivery of important mails from various government and private sectors who are important clients of the agency.


However, PHLPost will limit its door-to-door delivery, prioritizing "vital communications and parcels containing medicines, items containing goods/perishable items, items from SSS, GSIS, and other public and private institutions containing pensions, checks/loans etc, Express Mail items, and leftover mails (vital communications/checks) prior to the implementation of the community lockdown."


Post offices are also coordinating with barangay officials for mail delivery, in accordance with local community quarantine protocols.