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PRESS RELEASE: GSIS and PHLPost, team up on 'Proof of Life'

Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) together with the State pension fund Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) have once again teamed-up for a more convenient process of verifying aged 80 and up pensioners.


PHLPost and GSIS Proof of Life program designate letter carriers, under the GSIS-PHLPost memorandum of agreement, bearing the letter of introduction from GSIS to deliver the GSIS Status Verification Forms (GSVFs) to the pensioner’s registered address. This process of verification will conduct home visits to validate the pensioner’s current status.


Letter carriers will verify the retiree’s identity though personal information questions, cross-check the given details on their eCard, UMID card, or other valid IDs with those written in their GSVFs, and take photos of them.           


“PHLPost will always be happy to serve. This authentication process, we believe, is very beneficial to the pensioners since the process itself will be the one visiting the retirees,” Postmaster General Joel Otarra proudly said.


Since GSIS understand that it is hard for ages 80 and up pensioners to personally visit GSIS offices and have their personal appearance, they have decided to develop the process. And with the efforts of the two agencies, the project is continually positive. 


To avoid falling prey into scammers who may take advantage of the new process, PHLPost and GSIS are encouraging the pensioners to request the PHLPost representative to present his ID.


This partnership began in September 2014. This year, 66, 691 pensioners nationwide will be home-visited to check their status, thus, ensuring the uninterrupted payment of their pension.