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As Christmas is right around the corner and people are now busy
preparing for the holidays, PHLPost reminds those who wish to send their
Christmas mails and presents to post them as early as possible to be
able to reach its recipient before Christmas and New Year.

Postmaster General Joel L. Otarra advises the public to send their mails
and parcels before the prescribed dates to guarantee the arrival of
their items in time for the Yuletide season.

As a guide to senders, PHLPost issued a Christmas mail schedule for its
Domestic and International Express, Registered and Ordinary Mails, and
parcels where clients should send not later than the specified date to
ensure that mails and parcels will reach its destination before
Christmas day (December 25) and New Year (January 1).

Holiday-related Domestic Express mails (DEMS) should be sent not later
than December 13 (Wednesday), and December 11 (Monday) for International
Express Mails (IEMS).

Domestic Registered Mails should be posted before December 4 (Monday),
while International Registered Mails not later than November 27

Meanwhile, Domestic Ordinary Mails should be sent on or before December
6 (Wednesday) while International Ordinary Airmails should be sent not
later than December 4 (Monday).

Last, the deadline for Domestic Parcels is set on December 4 (Monday)
and November 29 (Wednesday) for International Air Parcels.

Otarra also noted that mails coming from the provinces must be posted
earlier than the above stated schedule, for them to arrive in Manila in
time for the schedule in order to reach destination in time for
Christmas and New Year. Post Offices all over the country are open
Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, except holidays.