PRESS RELEASE: PHLPost clarifies postal handling fee for parcels

Date Posted: May 11, 2017

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) has clarify that the postal handling fee of P112.00 collected to recipient of all incoming parcels subject for customs examination whether taxable or not are authorized pursuant to postal rules and regulations.

The charges imposed by PHLPost are covered by PHLPost Administrative Order Nos. 13-05 and 14-03 dated 04 February 2013 and 27 August 2014 respectively which were disseminated to the nine postal areas and more than a thousand Post Offices nationwide.

All foreign inbound mails attached with CN 22/23 (special declaration forms for postal items) are presented for customs examination shall be collected of processing/handling fee upon delivery or acceptance at postal counters regardless of its value or country of origin.

PHLPost has explained that the postal handling fee is separate and not covered by the new customs and tariff law involving imported goods with de minimis value worth P10,000 and below which are exempted from Custom duties and taxes.

Regardless if the packages or parcels are taxable or not, still all incoming parcels that passes through the post office and customs examination shall be charged with P112.00 as postal handling fee. Official receipt (OR) shall be issued for all items delivered or released by PHLPost.

To facilitate monitoring and audit, a record book of delivery shall be maintained by PHLPost on the said transactions.