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PRESS RELEASE: Use ZIP code to speed up letter delivery - Post Office


The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) is dedicated to further the Postal Services in the Philippines, and in line with its corporate thrust to modernize its operational facilities in improving the sorting efficiency and enhancing the quality of service, PHLPost is now strictly implementing the automatic sorting of letters through the modern letter-sorting machine.

This is also in accordance to PHLPost Circular No. 16-06, which was initially implemented in February 2016.

To speed up the letter-sorting process and to avoid incidents of wrong sorting or misrouting of mails, PHLPost reiterated the correct use of Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) codes, correct addressing of mails, and the paper requirement for the sorting machine.

“We are implementing modernization in our daily operations to give our customers reliable postal service in the country,” said Postmaster General Joel L. Otarra.

Mail items without ZIP codes will no longer be accepted. ZIP code is part of the address and is placed at the left side of the last line of the address, written legibly. Mailing envelopes shall not be below 80gsm to avoid jamming and other unnecessary delays.

For complete list of Philippine ZIP codes you may visit www.phlpost.gov.ph. (click this link)

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