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Kind of Issue : Commemorative
Denomination & Quantity : P12 - - - 80,000
Date of Issue : February 17, 2018
Last Day of Sale : February 16, 2019
Size of Stamps : 40mm x 30mm
Sheet Composition : 40 (4 x 10)
Perforation : 14
Printing Process : Litho Offset (4 colors)
Paper : Imported Unwatermarked
Printer : Amstar Company, Inc.
Designer : Victorino Z. SerevoPHLPOST
Designs : DCCCO Multipurpose Cooperative Building 50th Anniversary logo and Dumaguete Cathedral

Church Bell Tower as background.

Way back in the mid – sixties , out of an urgent need to liberate a group of parents from the clutches of
loan sharks and to give them and their children a chance for a more dignified living condition gave birth to the DCCCO.
Seeing the painful and dehumanizing effects of poverty and exploitation, Mother M. Marcella Foret, O’ Carm, the school
directress felt that the need for a drastic solution of the problems should come from within, from the parents themselves,
and not from the outside. She believed that they alone can help themselves through the pooling of resources, trust,
cooperation, and service and thus she introduced the concept of a cooperative.

DCCCO was organized on February 17, 1968 with an initial capital of P1,181.50 contributed by forty-nine (49) parents
and teachers of DCC. Finding the cooperative’s services of savings and loans beneficial and liberating, opted to open
membership to the larger community. This resulted in the accumulation of more capital and extension of bigger loans
and more services. Loans were no longer limited just for educational purposes but also for productive purposes.

From small beginnings, the DCCCO expanded successfully into a community-based cooperative. In its 36 years of service,
membership increased from 49 to 13,363 in 2004. The General Assembly approved the purchased of a lot and erection of a
3-storey building. And in making a dream a reality, on July 27, 2002, a new and imposing DCCCO building was blessed by
Bishop John H. Du.

Today, in its 50th year, DCCCO stands as a landmark of Christ-centered service, cooperation, integrity, and trust.
It will keep on fulfilling the dream of the innovators particularly Mother Marcella, Bishop Epifanio B. Surban, Governor
Mariano F. Perdices, and the officers, staff and members by remembering the past with gratitude, living the present with
sincerity and shaping the future with prudence and faith.