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Romblon State University - 100 Years


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Conceptualized to affectuate community development, a humble intermedieate farm school, then called ODIONGAN FARM SCHOOL came into being in June 1915.  One hundred thirteen pupils, 65 fifth graders, were the first batch who attended this American school primarily established to train local in the agricultural arts so as to attain food sufficiency in the islands of Romblon which was then a sub-province of Capiz.  In June 1916, a secondary course in farming for boys and housekeeping for girls was opened.

In 1929, the Odiongan Farm School was converted intoODIONGAN RURAL HIGH SCHOOL offering complete secondary training courses.  In 1947, the Odiongan Rural High School was changed to ODIONGAN HIGH SCHOOL.  A General Type A Curriculum was offered affording the youths the opportunity to study general education.


The demand for change continued to lurk the educational planners of the province.  Thus, in order to keep abreast with the demands of time, another conversion took place in December 1, 1956. The Odiongan High School was again converted to ODIONGAN NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL SCHOOL by virtue of Republic Act No. 1381 offering complete secondary vocational agricultural curriculum.  This status remained for some time until the name was changed toROMBLON NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL SCHOOL under General Appropriation Act of 1958.  

In 1962, then Congressman Jose D. Moreno authored Republic Act No. 4286 converting Romblon National Agricultural School to ROMBLON NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE. In 1969, the General Appropriations Act changed the name of the school toROMBLON AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE.

The Educational Development Act of 1972 paved the way for the opening of the post-secondary curriculum. A two-year Associate in Agricultural Technology (AAT) was offered in compliance with Memorandum Circular No.8 S.1974.  It has an initial enrolment of 25 students (15 males and 10 females).  Subsequently, in June 25, 1975, the Secretary of Education and Culture, Hon. Juan Manuel, approved the offering of 3 degree programs, namely:  Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education, and Bachelor of Science in Home Technology.

In 1978, under the able leadership of Hon. Nemesio V. Ganan, Jr., Assemblyman for Region IV and at the same time representing Romblon, the Parliamentary Bill 131, an act converting the Romblon Agricultural College into a State College and appropriating funds thereof was authored.  The Bill was signed into Law on May 18, 1983 by his Excellency Ferdinand E. Marcos, and became Batas Pambansa Blg. 393.  On September 30, 1983,ROMBLON STATE COLLEGE was inaugurated.
October 14, 2009, marked the ultimate dream come true of the Romblomanons when Republic Act 9721 was signed by then Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, an act establishing the ROMBLON STATE UNIVERSITY.