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3rd quarter topical stamp issue about Tourist Destinations in the Philippines featuring “Waterfalls”, photos are provided by FUNtastic Philippines

3rd quarter topical stamp issue about Tourist Destinations in the Philippines featuring “Waterfalls”, photos are provided by FUNtastic Philippines

Kind of Issue                          : Special                                                 Perforation                             : 14         

Denomination and Quantity : P10.00 ........104,000 (4 designs)        Printing Process                   : Litho – Offset (4 colors)     

Souvenir Sheet                      : P40.00 ……5,000pcs.                          Paper                                      : Imported Unwatermarked

Date of Issue                          : September 22, 2014                             Printer                                     : Amstar Company, Inc.

Last day of sale                     : September 21, 2015 (as stock allows)               Layout Artist                           : Jose Antonio A. Jayme

Sheet Composition                               : 16on (4X4)                                                                                          

Size of stamp                         : 50mm X 35mm

Kind of Issue : Special Perforation : 14
Denomination and Quantity: P10.00 ........104,000 (4 designs) Printing Process: Litho – Offset (4 colors)
Souvenir Sheet : P40.00 ……5,000pcs. Paper : Imported Unwatermarked
Date of Issue : September 22, 2014 Printer : Amstar Company, Inc.
Last day of sale : September 21, 2015 (as stock allows) Layout Artist : Jose Antonio A. Jayme
Sheet Composition : 16on (4X4)
Size of stamp : 50mm X 35mm
Size of Souvenir Sheet : 108mm X 65mm
Designs and Photographers:

Stamp 1 – Balagbag Falls by Rolino Bucao, Jr              Souvenir sheet – Tinuy-an Falls by Loel Lamela
Stamp 2 – Merloquet Falls by Ruwen Verdaguer          OFDC stamps – Pinlac Falls by Richelli Castellano
Stamp 3 – Tinago Falls by Jeffrey Rilles                      OFDC souvenir sheet – Hagimit Falls by Jerson Flores
Stamp 4 – Asik-asik Falls by Teofanes Ramiro
Asik-asik Falls - Asik-asik waterfalls is located in Alamada town in North Cotabato with a height of 200 meters, "Asik"
in Hiligaynon language, means "sprinkle" residents of Sitio Dulao in Barangay Alamada calls it a natural wonder "asik-
asik" because of water from rocks that sprinkle from the river beside it. To reach Sitio Dulao is 20 kilometers from
town proper, using a motorcycle or "habal-habal" for a hour travel, and a kilometer walk through hills and large

Balagbag Falls - A magnificent descend of water as it cascades to a series of rocky slopes. A 140 feet drop from the
brink to the deck and 26 feet high from the catch basin to the deck. Some tourists enjoy taking a plunge from the deck
down the 13 feet deep waterbed.

Merloquet Falls - Located in the interior of Barangay Sibulao, some 78 kilometers east of Zamboanga City. Merloquet
Falls is a rising eco-tourism destination for nature-trippers. The lower level of the falls is not just pretty to look
at, but great for relaxing too. Sitting on the mossy stones underneath the falls amidst a lush forest is the best form
of hydrotherapy one could ask for.
The smaller upper level of the falls, which has a series of interesting jagged rock formations sloped diagonally, can
be reached by a short, steep climb.
Tinago Falls - fabulous and very beautiful waterfall located in Iligan City Lanao del Norte. This is one of the most
popular and most visited waterfalls in Iligan City known for its outstanding and mesmerizing natural beauty. Tinago
means ‘hidden’ in local dialect and it is named so as it is hidden in deep gorge. It requires five hundred descending
steps to go through in order to reach the waterfall. The water of the fall is very clean, clear and cold that cascades
down into basin like pool offering great opportunities for swimming.

Pinlac Falls located at Barangay Magsaysay, Infanta, Quezon along the Infanta-Marikina highway.

Hagimit Falls – located in Samal Island, a multi-tiered waterfall cascading into a pool which serves as its catch
basin. It makes for a delightful dive spot and swimming. Located in Barangay Cawag, 2 km away from Penaplata proper and
11 km from Babak Ferry Terminal, Hagimit Falls got its name from the surrounding trees.

Tinuy-an Falls - 95 feet wide with an 180 feet plunge from its three cascading falls – this is the image that earned
Tinuy-an Falls the moniker “Little Niagara”. This is also the very reason why, when visiting Mindanao for a backpack
adventure, you must never forget to include in your itinerary a pit stop adventure in these wondrous falls located in
Bislig City, Surigao del Sur.

Photo Provider: FUNtastic Philippines - Founded on March 2, 2012, is a non-profit, non-governmental, cause
oriented organization whose membership consists of travel and photography enthusiasts from all over the world. With a
common goal of showcasing the grandeur and beauty of the Philippines through photographs, the group has compiled
thousands of photos highlighting the best places that the Philippines has to offer. All of these photographs are being
posted in the main group site, where members can openly discuss
and exchange information on any province they may be interested in. By posting these photos and initiating conversation
about these places, FUNtastic Philippines hopes to encourage visitors and eventually help in making our country a prime
tourist destination.