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The Philippine Postal Corporation is coming up with the 90 Years of Philippine Rotary stamps which will be issued on February 23, 2010. It is classified as a “Commemorative” kind of issue with a denomination of P 7.00 and quantity of 100,000 pieces. Also to be issued are souvenir sheets with a denomination of P 28.00 and 7,000 pieces. The Rotary Club of the Philippines is local chapter of the Rotary International in the Philippine community. As stated in Rotary Club Manila/ History of Rotary, the Philippines has a total of 537 Rotary clubs and 17,011 Rotarians recently. The first rotary club in the Philippines and the first in Asia is Rotary Club of Manila (RCM) which has been under the direct supervision of the International Association of Rotary Clubs (now Rotary International). The Rotary Club of the Philippines has been a source of support to other community service projects. It also offers scholarships to deserving students. The club also holds medical and surgical services in the indigenous communities to serve the needy. The technical description of the 90 Years of Philippine Rotary stamps are as follows: Kind of Issue: Commemorative Denomination and Quantity: Php7.00 / 70,000 pieces Souvenir Sheet: Php 28.00/7,000 pieces Date of Issue: February 23, 2010 Last date of Sale: February 22, 2011 (or as stocks allow) Sheet Composition: 40 (4 x 10) Size: 30 mm x 40 mm. Perforation: 14 Printing: Litho offset Paper: Imported Unwatermarked Printer: Amstar Company, Inc. Designers: Jesus Alfredo Delos Santos Layout Artist: Jiomer Dacaymat/ Evangeline Flores Design Coordinator: Chacha Camacho Design/s: The stamp designs speak about the many projects undertaken by the Rotarians worldwide such as the End Polio Now Project, housing project for the needy, ending hostilities and exploration of peace, and the last stamp design showing the map of the Philippines and the globe which signifies the pioneering spirit of the Filipinos to start worth-while projects through the Rotary Club of Manila.