About the Logo

In line with its move to reposition its product and services and achieve rebranding, PHLPost adopted on April 10, 2012 its new corporate logo with the design below:

The Philippine Postal Corporation logo has the following elements in its design:

  1. The abbreviation of PHLPost, as its official abbreviation by virtue of Adminstrative Order No. 5 and enacted on December 9, 2010 which states: "Adoption and use of ISO Codes
    PH and PHL for the Philippines", with PHL in blue and Post in red;
  2. The tri-color -- red, blue, and yellow, akin to the Philippine flag. The colors as they appear on different screens may vary. The actual color values are provided under "Signature Colors & Restrictions" and will ensure uniformity;
  3. The three lines cutting across the name PHLPost depicting speed; and,
  4. The yellow "Kartero" (Mr. Postman) icon in motion:
    D.1) floating on the left hand a dual rendition of a letter and parcel package; D.2) the left hand raised up in the air, positioning the package slightly above the eye level and same hand almost touching the rim of the kartero's cap; and, D.3) head in an upright position, slightly tilted up and forward looking.
    Since then, the Kartero has become a distinct fixture representing the people behind the corporation:

... "The Postman" represents the thousands of dedicated men and women of the Philippine Postal Service. A symbol of service excellence, the postman delivers mail that touches the lives of people across the country and around the world.