What is Philately?

Philately or stamp collecting is considered the world's most fascinating hobby. Through philately, you can learn of a country’s history, art, culture, and industry as depicted in special commemorative stamps.

Philatelic stamps come in different forms: Mint, Cancelled, Setenant, Souvenir sheets, and Sheetlets.

Other Philatelic products such as first-day covers, stamp albums and presentation packs are available at the Stamp and Philatelic Division of the Manila Central Post Office and in major post offices nationwide.

Stamp Collecting Guide

To outline all of the facets and sidelines of stamp collecting is much like trying to define outer space. Each has almost limitless boundaries. While this document will explore the more common philatelic pursuits, the possibilities are by no means complete. They can never be complete, because collecting stamps and related material defies full annotation.

Stamp collecting's charm is its individual, tailor-made freedom to fit the desires of any collector for as much as he wishes to spend in time, money and effort. For beginning collectors, one good advice is not to take on more than they can handle comfortably in all of those areas. That maxim applies whether stamps are collected by country, by topic, by time period or within any other personal parameters.

Many years ago, it was possible to collect all the stamps of the world. A small, optimistic minority may still try to do so. But with more than a half million stamps already issued worldwide, and with thousands more being released each year, that is an impossible dream even for the opulent few. Great rarities and thousands of varieties now make it impractical for anyone, however wealthy, to attain world completeness.

The following guidelines may aid you in whatever your collecting choices may be.

* Enjoyment
* Common Sense
* Authoritative Sources
* Techniques