Management Directory


Executive Management Committee

Hon. Joel L. Otarra Hon. Joel L. Otarra Postmaster General & CEO Office of the Postmaster General
  Luis D. Carlos Assistant Postmaster General Marketing Mgt. Support Services
Robert S. Mondoñedo Assistant Postmaster General Operations
Maura M. Baghar-Regis Assistant Postmaster General Administration & Finance

Area Management Committee

Nimia S. Acebes Area Director Northeast Luzon
Federico D. Frayna Area Director Northwest Luzon
Oscar V. Lazo, Jr. Area Director Mega Manila
Joel L. Zamudio Area Director Southern Luzon
  Cirio O. Espos Area Director Central and Eastern Visayas
Fabiolita P. Ferraris Area Director Western Visayas
Bernardito V. Gonzales Area Director Eastern Mindanao
  Archie V. Gonzales Area Director Central Mindanao
Carlo Reynaldo S. Argana Area Director Western Mindanao

Management Committee

Board of Directors

Francis T. Cereno Manager Internal Audit Department

Office of the Postmaster General

  Gilbert B. Javier Chief of Staff/Head Executive Assitant Office of the Postmaster General
Peter S. Bartolome Manager MIS Department
  Atty. Joselito B. Gonzales Manager Legal Department
  Melody O. Madrigal Manager Human Resource Management Dept.
Ma. Lourdes L. Rifareal Manager Corporate Planning Dept.
Atty. Lee P. Viceral Manager Inspectorate Department

Office of the Assistant Postmaster General for Marketing and Management Support Services

Enrique V. Tagle Manager Business Lines Dept.
Engr. Augusto A. Lecciones Manager Network & Transport Dept.
  Ma. Aster M. Nodalo Manager Surface Mail Exchange Dept.
Olivia M. Valderama Manager Service Regulations Dept.
  The Manager Manager AMED
  The Manager Manager EMED

Office of the Assitant Postmaster General for Administration and Finance

Marietta B. Bertillo Manager Accounting Dept.
Lorna M. Guevarra Manager Fiscal Management Dept.
Engr. Eliezer V. Rosales Department Manager III General Services Dept.
Engr. Irenea G. Villamor Manager Logistics & Property Mgt. Dept.

Division Chiefs

Board of Directors

Internal Audit Department

  Carolyn B. Ednalaga Chief Management Audit Division
  Ceferina O. Sandoval Chief Operations Audit Division

Corporate Planning Department

  The Chief Chief Planning, Research & Business Development Division
  The Chief Chief Systems & Methods Division

Human Resource Management Department

  Susan P. Moralde Chief Human Resource Management Division
  Rosemarie N. Tubal Chief Human Resource Development Division

Inspectorate Department

  Gumersindo B. Umayam, Jr. Chief Postal Intelligence Division
  Irna B. Villamora Chief Postal Inspection & Investigation Division

Legal Department

  Atty. Clifford B. Dasig Chief Claims & Prosecution Division
  The Chief Chief Legal Services Division

Office of the Assistant Postmaster General for Marketing and Management Support Services

Business Lines Department

  Corazon E. Damias Chief Postal Payment Delivery Division
  Marilyn G. Junio Chief Business Mail & Express Post Division
  Elenita D. San Diego Chief Post Shop Philately & Museum Division
  The Chief Division Chief Corporate Communications Division

Office of the Assistant Postmaster General for Operations

Airmail Exchange Department

  Donabel A. Asuncion Chief Letter Post Division
  Alberto D. Liveta Chief Parcel Post Division
  The Chief Chief Metro Manila Distribution Center

Express Mail Exchange Department

  Roger M. Tumlos Chief Delivery Division
  Valeriano C. Delito Chief Operations Division

Network & Transport Department

  Anabelle M. Erfelo Chief Network Division
  Engr. Godardo I. Obordo Chief Motor Tranport Division

Service Regulations Department

  Marilyn O. Alcoy Chief Domestic Affairs Division
  Edna R. Villanueva Chief International Affairs Division

Surface Mail Exchange Department

  Jose O. Enverga, Jr. Chief Surface Mail Exchange Dept.
  Juanito C. Pagao Chief Parcel Post & Logistics Division
  Jerwin I. Enrile Chief Supply Division
  Annie T. Belmonte Chief Procurement Division
  Ricardo C. Medina Jr. Chief Assets & Property Management Division
  Antonio J. Oropesa Chief Records Management Division
  Engr. Harisson A. Cabutaje Chief Maintenance & Miscellaneous Division
  Engr. Reynaldo D. Cadano Chief Engineering & Infra Planning Division
  Gladys G. Geronimo Chief Claims & Processing Division
  Gelarino A. Pedro Chief Bookkeeping Division
  Gloria C. Miranda Chief Budget & Financial Management Division
  Zenaida C. Bañaga Chief Cash & Investment Division
  Macaria J. Leonardo Chief Postage Metered Machine Division
  The Chief Chief Planning, Research & Business Dev't. Division
  The Chief Chief Systems & Methods Division
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