Money Transfer Services

PHLPost offers domestic and international money transfer services to meet the demands of different sections of the society.

  1. DomesticMoney Transfer Service
    1. Electronic Postal Money Order (ePMO)
      1. Instant, safe, reliable and convenient
      2. Customized to customer's needs

        PHLPost's ePMOservice has the following features:

        • SMS real-time alert - text notification to the customer on the status of the transaction
        • Delivery Options:
          • Cash Pick-up  cash pick up at any participating Post Offices
          • Door-to-Door Delivery  cash delivery at the address of the beneficiary with delivery fee of P100.00.
      3. Low Service Fees
      4. Maximum amount per application is P50,000.00. If the amount to be remitted is more than P50,000.00, another application will be filled out by the sender.
      5. Available in selected post offices
    2. Paper-based Money Order